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If your child has been recently charged with a juvenile crime, you must hire an attorney to protect their future. Many young adults and children make mistakes at a young age; this shouldn’t have to affect the rest of their lives. Criminal charges have severe penalties and can end up causing lifetime problems.

You may believe that the best thing you can do for your child is to send them to juvenile detention to learn from their mistakes, but juvenile detention can have more negative consequences on a young mind than benefits. The best action you can take for your child is to hire legal representation to guide them properly.

The charge of committing a sex crime is one of the more serious allegations, and you must seek the help of an attorney to defend your child. Violent crimes are also a severe charge. If your child is being accused of committing any type of crime, hiring an attorney to protect them is your best option.

The importance of hiring a juvenile crimes attorney before your child speaks with criminal investigators cannot be overstated. This is because crimes will stay on record and affect your child’s future. Don’t let one mistake affect the rest of your child’s life.

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What is the usual penalty for a juvenile crime?

The consequences your child faces will depend on the severity of their crime, their age, and if they have any past criminal history. Some juvenile crimes may result in a slap on the wrist while others could lead to years in detention. The most common penalties for juvenile crimes are probation, community service, and juvenile detention.


Probation is a sentence that is handed down by the court instead of jail time. Your child will be supervised by a probation officer and will have to adhere to certain conditions. Such as meeting with their probation officer regularly, obeying curfews, and not committing any further crimes. If your child violates the terms of their probation, they could be sent to juvenile detention.

Community Service

Community service is another common punishment for juvenile crimes. This involves your child completing a certain number of hours performing an approved activity, such as cleaning up a park or working at a soup kitchen.

If your child is sentenced to juvenile detention, they will be held in a juvenile facility until they turn 18 years old. Juvenile detention is intended to be a last resort for juvenile offenders.

At the S.B legal, experienced attorneys can help defend your child against any crime they may be facing. Adults are charged differently than anyone under 18.

An adult charge against a child can profoundly impact their future. An experienced lawyer can help prevent this from happening.

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Types of Juvenile Cases we Cover at SB Legal Law Firm

An experienced lawyer can help prevent this from happening. Here are some crimes that S.B law can help defend:

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S&B Legal can also help defend against crimes not listed. We can help defend your child so that their future isn’t at risk. If you have any questions about juvenile crimes, call (760) 302-4652 for a free consultation today.

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