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As an active duty service member or veteran of the U.S. military facing criminal charges, you need a skilled San Diego military defense attorney in your corner — one with an in-depth understanding of civilian.  The experienced, trusted military criminal defense lawyers at S&B Legal understand military culture and its unique challenges. We represent military personnel in state civil courts in San Diego County and in U.S. Magistrate Court, defending our clients against a range of charges in state courts (not court martial crimes). We are also well-versed in California’s military diversion program.

What is military diversion?

Military diversion is a pretrial diversion program for misdemeanor charges. This may be an available option for current or former U.S. military personnel who, because of their military service, may be suffering from:

  • PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)
  • TBI (traumatic brain injury)
  • Sexual trauma
  • Mental health issues
  • Substance abuse problems

The defendant must consent to being placed on military diversion and waive their right to a speedy trial. If the Court determines that a defendant qualifies, the counseling and treatments offered by the military diversion program can result in the charges being dismissed completely at the conclusion of treatment.


Types of Cases Our Military Lawyers Handle

S&B Legal provides professional representation for military personnel and veterans facing charges in a variety of criminal matters. We defend clients against charges of assault, battery, domestic violence, DUI, drug crimes, federal crimes, insurance fraud, internet crimes, juvenile crimes, restraining orders, sex crimes, theft crimes, three-strike crimes, and white-collar crimes.

Whether you need representation by a military defense attorney in a San Diego court or in a U.S. Magistrate Court for an on-base citation, you can trust our military law lawyers to fight for your rights.


Skilled Legal Advice and Representation When You Need It Most

Whether the charges against you are relatively minor or are potentially more serious in nature, any type of criminal conviction could negatively impact your military career, your personal life, and even your compensation. Your S&B Legal military criminal defense attorney will be a strong advocate for your rights no matter the charges.


Charges of driving under the influence (DUI) can come with significant penalties. S&B Legal can help you fight the charges.


Our attorneys represent military personnel charged with taking property without consent. Whether you are facing petty theft or grand theft charges, we can defend you.

Domestic violence (DV)

Domestic violence convictions can come with time behind bars, restitution payments, anger management course requirements, and more. We can represent you against DV charges brought by a family member or romantic involvement.

Drug offenses

We represent defendants against a range of charges related to illegal drugs, including possession, manufacturing, selling, money laundering, and more.

Other offenses

S&B Legal also provides skilled, dedicated representation for other criminal defense matters including internet crimes, three-strike crimes, white-collar crimes, restraining orders, hit-and-run charges, and more.

The potential consequences of a criminal conviction can be serious for any defendant, but even more so for military personnel. If convicted, you could lose your military benefits, housing, and even future employment opportunities. While no military law attorney can guarantee acquittal or that charges will be dismissed, the experienced team at S&B Legal will pursue every available defense in your case.


Tailored and Compassionate Legal Strategies for Each Client

When you choose to work with a knowledgeable S&B Legal military attorney in San Diego, you can be confident your legal defense — and your future — are in competent hands. We know facing criminal charges is stressful. We’ll take the time to answer your questions in a straightforward but compassionate manner. We also take an aggressive approach when it comes to your case, striving to build a strong defense to the charges. Every client’s situation is different; we are committed to developing tailored strategies for each engagement — considering each client’s military status and career concerns.


Let S&B Legal Protect Your Rights — and Your Future

If you are an active military service member or a veteran and are facing criminal charges, don’t leave your defense to chance. Schedule your confidential case evaluation with a military lawyer in San Diego today.

Note: S&B Legal does NOT provide representation in court-martial cases.


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